Who are we ?

We are a team of dedicated, creative, passionate and driven rehabilitative therapists with 20+ years’ experience providing Solutions to individuals of all ages. Our interest is to provide the highest quality of rehabilitative Solutions to you and your family members based on Best Practice and Evidence Based Solutions.

  • Licensed/Certified Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists.
  • Providing Solutions for Children, Adults and Seniors.
  • Customized Solutions for individuals, based on brief history intake.
  • Solutions delivered via Video Consultation with therapist(s).
  • All Solutions provided within the comfort of your home or assisted living facility.

Our evidence based product-solutions are design for the following audience:
Children – Solutions specifically developed for children from birth – 18 years of age.
Adult- Solutions specifically developed for adults from 18 – 65 years of age.
Senior- Solutions specifically developed for seniors from 65+
All Ages- Solutions developed for Children, Adults and Seniors

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