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Solution Name:​​ Addressing Safety Concerns​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 


Improve Strength and Balance to Reduce Fall Risk

Following a regular physical activity program can reduce an older adult’s chances of falling, even when done as little as three times per week. Brisk walking is good cardio exercise, exercising specifically to improve strength and balance is important for reducing falls for older adults.​​ 


Check for Safety to Avoid Home Hazards

  • Consider helping an older adult complete a fall prevention checklist to find and fix hazards in their home.

  • Checklist helps identify potential hazards in the home that could contribute to a fall.​​ 

  • Simple measures such as removing clutter from walkways, removing throw rugs, and ensuring there is plenty of light can all reduce the risk of falling.

  • Preventing falls can also help prevent traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) among older adults.

  • ​​ Falls also cause hip fractures among older​​ adults, after which many people are no longer able to live on their own. This loss of independence often leads to a continual decline into poorer health and a much lower quality of life.

Minimize​​ the​​ Risk​​ in Key Areas of the Home​​ 

  • Staircase:​​ Keep everyone safe by making sure the lighting is good and the handrails and steps are solid and well maintained.​​ Adults​​ with less mobility should consider installing stairlifts or consider moving to a home without stairs to avoid falls.

  • Bathrooms:​​ Anyone is susceptible to falls in the bathroom due to slippery wet surfaces.​​ Non slip area carpets are essential.​​ Showers should have rubber mats to prevent falls from wet surfaces. Have mats or towels placed on the floor when getting out of the bath or shower.​​ 

Thoughts on Housing​​ 

  • An older adult’s housing situation often affects quality of life, safety concerns, the ability of others to aid, and more.

  • Families must often consider questions such as:​​ 

    • Is the current housing situation a good fit for “aging in place”?

    • Is a more supportive environment, such as moving in with a family member, potentially necessary?

    • What other options (e.g. assisted living) would be financially viable, and could be considered?


Required Materials:

1. Shower​​ Mats

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