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Solution​​ Name:​​ Alternative + Augmentative Communication


Solution Plan: ​​ 

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) refers to using a form of communication to supplement or replace spoken and/or written words. AAC may include using signs/gestures, pictures, or an electronic device to help a person share his or her thoughts.

Any person whose daily communication needs are not met by natural speech or writing, including young children who are delayed in their speech development.

Signs and Gestures:​​ Some individuals who have difficulty learning to talk may be able to use their hands to communicate more easily. Individuals with ASD may be taught signs or gestures. ​​ For example, an individual may learn to bring his fingertips to his mouth to indicate hunger.

Visual Schedules: Many individuals are visual learners. Visual schedules take advantage of this strength by adding images (a type of AAC) to help individuals understand language more easily. As a result, the individual can complete daily activities more successfully. There are two main types of visual schedules:​​ within-task schedule​​ sand​​ between-task schedules​​ (see chart below)


Image result for picture schedule for ASD










Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS):​​ Many individuals respond well to visual information; they may readily learn PECS. PECS makes communication more concrete, more visual, and longer lasting than spoken messages. Further, PECS requires minimal communication skills in the beginning and only simple motor movements. Initially, individuals learn to give a picture of a desired object or activity to a communication partner in return for access to that object or activity. Over time, the individual learns to use PECS to communicate increasingly complex messages for a variety of functions (e.g. and commenting) through the systematic PECS instruction. spoken language abilities, requesting and joint attention.​​ 


Required Materials:​​