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Seniors may experience motor neglect (failure to move one side of the body even though there's no paralysis), tactile neglect (inattention to tactile stimuli on one side of the body), or auditory neglect (inattention to sounds on one side of space).

Strategies to Encourage Use of the Affected Side:

There are several things that you can do to help a patient improve awareness of their neglected side. The best way to encourage use is to make environmental changes: 

1. Place objects on the neglected side.​​ It’s​​ not helping by putting​​ the​​ fork on his now favored side or bringing them the remote. In fact, one of the most helpful things​​ to​​ do is to place objects on​​ the​​ neglected side to force​​ the senior​​ to turn​​ to​​ that side. The more he acknowledges that side, the more likely he will be able to eventually perceive it.

2. Interact from the neglected side.​​ The same principle applies to people. Stand​​ on the​​ neglected side and either hold the hand or rub their arm as speaking.​​ A simple touch is usually enough to get someone to turn​​ in the right​​ direction, but if not, gently place​​ the​​ hand under​​ the individuals​​ chin and slowly turn it for​​ them.

Using this technique engages auditory, visual, and tactile senses at the same time and can help make a stronger connection to the neglected side than a visual task alone can do.

3. Guide the neglected hand.​​ A similar approach can help when​​ the individual is not​​ aware of an object on​​ the​​ neglected side. For example, if he can’t find the​​ spoon​​ to the left of​​ the​​ plate, take​​ the​​ hand in yours (tactile) and say (auditory), “Let’s get​​ the spoon.” Then, guide​​ the​​ hand toward the fork.​​ The individual’s​​ eyes should naturally follow the movement of​​ the​​ hands (visual).

4. Encourage scanning.​​ Systematically scanning​​ the​​ field of vision, like​​ scanning​​ a page while reading, is a great way to engage the neglected side. Activities that promote this include:

• Word searches
• Puzzles
• Board games and cards
• Reading (draw a line on neglected side as a start/stop point)

Family and caregivers should be educated to aid the stroke survivor in “tuning in” to the neglected side. Small actions can make a big difference. Encourage the family to sit beside the senior on the affected side, gently hold or rub the affected hand/arm, or engage in conversation on the affected side.



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Home Items:

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1.Word Searches

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