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Solution Name:​​ Decreasing Toe Walking​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 

Manual Calf Stretch​​ Have the child sit comfortably with his/her knee straight. Place hand between the sitting surface and child’s heel so​​ there is​​ cupping​​ at the heel in​​ the​​ hand, placing​​ the​​ forearm, lengthwise, along the bottom of the child’s foot. Slowly place pressure on the foot with your arm so that the toes point up and back towards the child’s body. Hold this​​ stretch.


Wall Stretch:​​ Place​​ child’s​​ hands on a wall and point both feet at the wall. One foot is behind the other. Bend the front leg and lean into the wall while keeping the back leg straight. Make sure to keep both heels down on the floor during the stretch. Hold the stretch.


Towel Long Sit Stretch:​​ Sit comfortably on the floor with both legs straight out in front. Wrap a towel around both feet so that it is on the lower half of the “nook” of your foot. Hold on to the towel at both ends. Pull the towel towards you while pushing your knees flat into the floor and keeping your back straight. Hold the stretch.


Heel Drop Stretch:​​ Stand on a step or a curb and place one foot halfway on the step. Let the heel drop while the middle part of the foot remains in contact with the step. Keep the leg of the ‘dropped heel’ straight. Hold the stretch.


Active Stretches and Strengthening​​ and Squat Play​​ Encourage the child to squat during play activities. It is important to help the child keep​​ heels on the floor in order to stretch the calf muscles.


Bear Walk:​​ Start​​ on the floor with your hips up in the air and both of your feet and hands in contact with the floor.​​ Bend​​ one knee and bring that leg forward underneath​​ the​​ chest. After the leg is under​​ the​​ chest, allow​​ the​​ back leg to remain straight behind you with your toe in contact with the ground and try to push your heel towards the floor. After holding this for a few seconds, walk your hands forward and bring the back leg forward and under your chest. Creep along the floor like this allowing time for the back leg to stretch.​​ (Good for older children)​​ 

Also try:

  • Scooter Racing​​ 

  • Heel Walking​​ 

  • Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose​​ 




Required Materials:​​ N/A​​