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Solution Name:​​ Impairment Prevention Plan​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 


  • Increase physical activity.​​ Physical activity is a key factor for brain health. Regular exercise as simple as brisk walking for as little as 15 minutes a day protects brain structure and function.

  • Eat healthily.​​ A Mediterranean diet consisting of fish, olive oil, non-starchy vegetables, and nuts has been related to lower risk of dementia.

  • Get a good​​ night’s sleep.​​ Adequate and uninterrupted sleep helps the brain repair itself. Good sleep hygiene improves the function of brain cells.

  • Avoid smoking as​​ smoking damages brain cells and vessels.

Medical Conditions​​ 

  • Treat heart problems.​​ Whatever is bad​​ for the heart is bad for the brain. Heart attacks and heart failure have close links with dementia. Treating heart problems may protect the brain.

  • Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels.​​ High blood pressure and diabetes, especially in middle age, can damage the brain. Control of blood pressure and blood glucose (sugar) levels in midlife can improve brain health and may lower the risk of dementia in older age.

  • Protect the head.​​ Head injury increases the chance of developing memory and thinking problems. Wearing helmets and/or avoiding behaviors that increase the risk of head injury can decrease the risk of dementia.

  • Test hearing.​​ Hearing loss is linked to dementia.

Mental and Social Well-being​​ 

  • Stay involved, curious, interested, and willing to​​ learn new things.​​ Being an active learner keeps the brain engaged and has beneficial effects on memory and information processing.

  • Stay socially engaged.​​ Engagement in social activities including sports, cultural programs, and support groups has a positive effect on brain structure and function and is associated with a lower risk of dementia. (Source JAMA Network)









Required Materials:


Bike Helmet​​