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Solution Name:​​ Improving Attention​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 

Cup stacking​​ 

  • The cup stacking game helps seniors increase their motor control,​​ hand-eye coordination​​ and attention to a task. Have the senior​​ stack paper cups​​ as a pyramid.​​ 


  • Scrabble is​​ great way to increase attention to a task.​​ This game involves creating words out of a handful of lettered tiles, which encourages​​ the seniors​​ to be creative. If the tiles are too small for the seniors to see, create a super-sized Scrabble game that can be played by everyone. Use a whiteboard as the Scrabble board and turn magnets into tiles. 


  • Bingo is​​ a​​ classic sit-down game for seniors.​​ This game boosts mental acuity while increasing attention to a task. This game​​ requires excellent listening, quick thinking, and the ability to​​ view​​ a bingo card in seconds.​​ 

Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Putting together a puzzle​​ is a great activity to increase attention to a task.​​ Solving puzzles is a fun, low-stress way for seniors to socialize, and it also boosts visual acuity and manual dexterity. Find a puzzle that’s an appropriate skill level.


  • Many seniors still enjoy card games, ranging from bridge to canasta. These games are great for experienced players, but rummy is a game everyone can enjoy regardless of experience. It can be played by 2 to 4 players, and the aim is to get the right combination of runs and sets. There are also card decks made specifically for seniors with limited vision. 

Taboo Game

  • Taboo is a fun word game that can be played by multiple​​ seniors. One​​ senior​​ is given a card with a word on it and tries to describe the word to​​ the​​ partner without using a list of banned words. This fun game is a great way for seniors to keep their minds sharp and increase attention.​​ 



Required Materials:​​ 

1.Cup Stacking​​ 

Description: Stacking Cups​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2YCR5KM


Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2L0itu7


Description: Bingo in Red Box​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2YCP8hG

​​ 4.Jigsaw Puzzles​​ 


Description:​​ Rummikub by Pressman​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2SEXfGC

6.Taboo Game​​ 

Description: Taboo Board Game​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/35xeu1T