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Solution Name:​​ Improving Memory​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 

Reminder notes, calendars, diaries, watch-alarms, oven-timers, leaving objects in conspicuous places all these external aids are acting as cues to memory.


Low tech external memory aids include pencil/paper systems and simple organization tools. Such as the following:

  • Checklist: used to record lists for items (e.g., shopping list) and/or steps for specific routines (e.g., laundry routine, homework routine)

  • Wall or pocket calendar: used to record/check appointments and events (e.g., doctor’s appointments, birthdays)

  • Notebooks/daily planner: used to record/check information across several categories (e.g., calendars, contact information, expenses)

  • Timer: used to monitor time during specific activities (e.g., laundry, cooking task)

  • Medication boxes: used to organize medications by day and time

High tech external memory aids include electronic devices that have a range of programming options and uses. Such as the following:​​ 

  • Digital voice recorder: a device used to record information "in the moment" for later recall.​​ 

  • Programmable watch: a wristwatch used for alarms/reminders to help recall important​​ activities/events.​​ 

  • PDA (personal digital assistant): a "pocket computer" with several features including: alarms, calendar, contact information, internet, e-mail, and music.​​ 

  • Cell phone: a mobile phone that includes contact information; several​​ models include alarm/calendar programs, and camera.​​ 

  • Smartphone: a device that combines a full-featured mobile phone with handheld computer functions as well as GPS (global positioning system).

Teachable Moments:

  • Once the external aid(s) has been selected, the user is provided with the opportunity to explore the aid followed by routine checking on how to check and enter information.​​ 

  • Initially users with more severe impairments should only be taught how to check information; someone else should enter the information for them

  • It is also possible that the user will not learn to program the device but can respond to the device and use it successfully.






Required Materials:

1.Calendar ​​ 

Description: Fridge Calendar Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3djNBRs

2. Daily Planner ​​ 

Description: Bloom Daily Planner​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3c6ZTwx

3.Pill Box​​ 

Description: Large 7 Day Pill Box​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2WxEO81