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Name: Learning How to Play with Others Through Play Module IV


Solution Plan:​​ 

Sharing teaches​​ children​​ about​​ compromise​​ and being fair. Children​​ learn​​ that if we give a little to​​ others,​​ we can get some of what we want as well.​​ 

Turn Taking:​​ Babies begin to engage in back-and-forth interactions, building blocks as cooperation by 6-9 months old. Play back-and-forth games, such as peekaboo and pat-a-cake.

Encourage Free Play:

  • The best way for a child to learn cooperative play is to have plenty of opportunity to participate in free play with other​​ children.​​ 

  • Give children items (boxes, straws, pipe cleaners) that they can use to make things with and let play emerge.​​ 

  • Give them their space.

  • Children learn the value of cooperation by playing freely -- without restrictions and strict rules -- with others in their age group


Children learn a lot from just watching parents.​​ Model good sharing and turn-taking​​ and it gives children a great example to follow.

Children also need​​ opportunities to learn about and practice​​ sharing.

  • Point out good​​ sharing with others. For example, “I like the way your friend was sharing the toys really. That was very kind of nice.”

  • When you see the child trying to share or take turns, ensure praise and attention are given. ​​ For example, “I liked the way you let John​​ play with the truck. Great job sharing.”

  • Play games with the child that involve sharing and turn-taking.​​ 

  • Speak to the child about sharing before a playdate with friend(s)








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