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Solution Name:​​ Positive Reward Systems​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 

  • Give the child affection as a reward. Using affection as a reward can be an effective way to let the child see approval​​ 

  • Spend extra, quality time with the child.

  • Reward the child with a special outing or activity.​​ 

  • Allow the child to spend time with friends as a reward.

Reward charts:

  • Encouraging behavior​​ that is desired such as​​ cleaning teeth without​​ an outburst

  • Discouraging behavior​​ not desired as tantrums, hitting​​ 

  • Rewarding​​ the​​ child for practicing new skills, like staying next to an adult while shopping​​ 

How does the Reward Chart work?​​ 

  • Reward charts work well for children aged 3-8 years.

  • A​​ reward chart​​ works well​​ when​​ the​​ child needs to work on changing​​ a​​ behavior.​​ The​​ child collects stickers or tokens for the chart each time​​ the achieved behavior is obtained. The child​​ then gets a reward based on the number of stickers gathered. The stickers and the reward reinforce the positive behavior.

  • When​​ the​​ child tries hard to change​​ the​​ behavior, a reward chart can show​​ the child​​ when a good job has been accomplished​​ and keep​​ them​​ motivated.

  • Reward charts can also help to focus on the positives in​​ the​​ child’s behavior. This might be helpful if feeling frustrated by​​ the​​ child’s behavior and have been paying more attention to negative behavior.

  • Some parents worry that rewards for good behavior are like bribes, but they aren’t the same. The difference is bribes are given before the behavior you want; a​​ reward is given after.

​​ For example, a reward might be that you let​​ the​​ child choose what’s for dinner if she plays​​ nice​​ with​​ her younger sister.​​ Rewards aim to reinforce good behavior, but bribes don’t.

Ideas for Rewards:​​ 

  • Praise. 

  • Hi-5. ​​ 

  • Read a book

  • Food item​​ 

  • Stay up late (can be an extra 15 minutes)​​ 

  • Favorite dinner​​ 

  • Pick a favorite movie​​ 

  • Stickers​​ 

  • Earn an item

  • Positive vibe money jar​​ 

  • Special time alone with a parent​​ 

Materials Required:​​ 

At Home:

  • Have your child pick out favorite stickers

  • Poster Boards or Construction Paper​​