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Solution Name:​​ Professional Performance Plan​​ 


Solution Plan:​​ 

Individual’s having difficulty fulfilling the worker role due to an illness or injury, and desires to return to work or enhance work performance, can benefit from an intervention plan.

Create and implement feasible and individualized intervention plans in the following broad areas.​​ 


Acute Injury and Illness Management:​​ determine any gaps between​​ the demands of the job and the individual’s existing performance abilities and remediates or compensates for the differences. Determine the history of the current condition or injury, consider any potential change in the condition over time, develop a comprehensive and individualized intervention plan to address problem areas, help to implement the plan, and evaluate its effectiveness.


Work Conditioning:​​ restore the performance skills of individuals recovering from long-term injury or illness. There is a​​ focus on restoring musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, as well as safely performing work tasks. This is typically achieved through work simulation and individualized interventions to improve physical capacity.


Environmental Modification: Making recommendations for modifications to the workplace environment to facilitate successful employment performance. Examples of environmental modifications include raising or lowering the lighting, creating a new layout of the workspace, modifying work-related tools and devices, and minimizing distractions. (Ergonomics)


Transitional Work Programs: Transitional work uses the actual work tasks and environments as a form of rehabilitation. After becoming familiar with the individual’s job requirements and measuring​​ the individual’s functional abilities, determines tasks that the individual can safely and dependably perform at work. Identify environmental and task modifications that will support work performance, and makes detailed recommendations to the treating physician, who releases the individual to modified work within these parameters. Work performance is closely monitored, and modifications change as the worker develops more skills.









Required Materials:​​ 


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2. Mouse

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