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Solution Name:​​ Sensory Regulation Techniques Module II


Solution Plan: ​​ 

Sensory Regulation:​​ Allows children to maintain an appropriate level of alertness in order to respond appropriately across environments to the sensory stimuli present.

To provide sensory feedback to the body which enables better sensory regulation. These activities might include:

  • Wheelbarrow walking

  • Animal walks

  • Trampoline

  • Cycling

  • Swings (forward and back, side to side, rotary)

  • Rough and tumble play / squishing or sandwiching with pillows or balls.

  • Wearing a heavy backpack

  • Weighted items (wheat bag on lap while sitting or heavy blanket for sleep).

  • Chewy toys

Discrete skills:​​ Activities that have a defined start and end point such as puzzles, construction tasks, mazes, and dot to dots.

Narrowly focused tasks:​​ Sorting, organizing and categorizing activities (e.g. card games such as Uno)

Visual schedules​​ enable a child to see​​ and understand what is going to happen next. Schedules also help the child to organize themselves and to plan.

Timers​​ help with transitions as they tell the child how long and when they are going to have to do an activity. Timers also allow us to pre-warn​​ the child when a preferred activity is coming to an end.

Talking/question counters for the over-talkers:​​ For small discrete periods of time where the child is engaged in an activity, provide a series (maybe 5) of talking or question counters. Each time the​​ child talks or asks a question one counter is removed. When the child has no more counters, adults do not respond, and the child learns to hold onto questions and when to ask them.






Required Materials:


Description: Outfitters Trampoline​​ for Kids​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3dnfOap


Description: Classroom Timers for Kids​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2z8f9uz

3.Weighted Blanket​​ 

Description: Weighted Blanket for Kids​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2W6j18e