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Solution Name:​​ ​​ Sensory Room Development Plan​​ 


Solution Plan: ​​ 

What are the benefits of creating a Sensory Room?

 A Sensory Room offers the opportunity for​​ an activity that is free from cognitive demands and allows seniors to feel relaxed and entertained.​​ 

While in a Sensory Room, the individual may receive the following:

  • receives a stream of stimuli that automatically increases their awareness of their surroundings

  • Certain textures and experiences may bring people they used to enjoy in the past.​​ 

Sensory Room Tips for​​ Individuals with Dementia for Seniors

  • Design the room using the principle that “less is more.”

  • Display a few familiar items that can help the​​ senior relax before engaging in activities around the room.

  • Do not include dramatic smells. Instead, focus on everyday smells like chocolate, herbs, peeled fruit or wood.

  • Do not put overhead lighting in your room. Use filtered, soft lighting.

  • Find a​​ quiet corner or place that can hold 4-6 people.

  • Play music at a moderate level to attract the individual to the space, but not loud enough to overpower thoughts.

  • Start small. Find a balance between high-tech items and household items that are familiar and​​ will be simple to use by the individual.

  • Think through each of the senses and make sure you have something that will stimulate each sense in the room, such as flowers, musical instruments or scented cushions.

  • To stimulate touch, use items like jelly,​​ Play-Doh, sand or water.

  • Use buttons, pockets, ribbons and zippers to stimulate hearing, memory, movement, touch and vision.​​ (Source-Alzheimers.net)

  • When considering sounds for the room, it is important to avoid anything too loud or startling that may confuse residents. It is wise to stick to relaxing sounds and environmental themes such as bird sounds, rivers, streams and instruments.

  • Allow seniors to experience different gentle movements. For example, include a rocking chair and bean bag with soft surfaces to lay down on.







Materials Required:

Home Items:

  • Herbs

  • Chocolate

  • Peeled fruits

  • Wood

  • Flowers​​ 

1.Play Doh

Description:​​ Play-Doh Party Bag​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3fooTkM

2.Rocking Chair

Description:​​ Best​​ Choice Zero Gravity Rocking Chair​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3c8wVw9

3.Bean Bag​​ 

Description:​​ Big Joe Milano Bean Bag​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/3fjKhHT

4.Nature Sounds

Description:​​ White Noise Machine​​ 

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2WrlKbr

5.Soft Lighting​​ 

Description:​​ Soft Light Floor Lamp

Link:​​ https://amzn.to/2L4pxWF