How to Increase Listening Skills for Children– Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Effective listening is a skill that underpins all positive relationships. Active listening helps us gain a pragmatic or practical understanding of what is being said or taught.




After the purchase of IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS, you will receive an email notification with your confidential login credentials and a link to Secure & Private Client Portal.
When you log in, click on the link to the Intake Form, complete it and save/submit (click on the submit button at the end of the form).

The Secure & Private Client Portal will also allow you to:

  • Upload additional documents and videos (video phone recordings) you may find relevant to share with Therapists and or Administration
  • Request additional Customized Therapy Programs and Subscriptions, chat with Therapists, and Administration. A Personal Digital Library is created for you, where your customized Therapy Program(s) and the Video(s) recorded Live Chat and additional documents will be securely stored, and with 24 hours online access.

DAY 2 / DAY 3

A notification is posted under your Secure & Private Client Portal with an Email copy also submitted, confirming that a specialized Therapist has been assigned to customize the  IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS you purchased.
The assigned Therapist will review the Intake Form information you provided and fully customize the Program for you.

Upon the completion of your customized IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS, the supervisor Therapist will perform a final review, approve and release for posting to your Personal Digital Library, together with any additional recommendation for materials you eventually will have to gather up from your own collection of household items or to purchase for the Exercise Section of your Program.

DAY 4 / DAY 5

Go to Personal Digital Library section in the Secure & Private Client Portal and review your customized IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS
For the items you may need to purchase for the Exercise Section of your Program, we are providing you in the Secure & Private Client Portal, a list with links to Amazon online retailer for easy and quick ordering.

Use the Communication Section of the Secure & Private Client Portal and write down any questions and additional information you would like the specialized Therapist to review with you during the Live Video Chat Session scheduled to be performed on Day 07.


A supervisor Therapist will send you a Notification requesting confirmation of attendance for the Live Video Chat the next day.


After the Live Video Chat with your specialized Therapist, the recorded session will be reviewed by the supervisor Therapist and posted to your Personal Digital Library for your records and re-runs.
It includes 3 more Live Video Chats with your Therapist, 15 minutes each, during which your progress will be monitored for the first 3 months. In addition to the included sessions, your Therapist will always be available for additional sessions whenever necessary.

Your customized IMPROVING LISTENING SKILLS is now considered delivered!


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