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Name: Visual Motor Program​​ 


Solution Plan:​​ Visual motor skills, also referred to as visual motor integration, are the skills that emerge from the integration​​ of visual skills, visual perceptual skills and motor skills that allows the use of the eyes and hands in a coordinated and efficient way.

Non-Drawing Activities

  • String colorful beads, macaroni, or cereal.​​ 

  • Games that encourage diagonal awareness help with​​ drawing out this challenging skill. These games include tic-tac-toe, Connect Four, Checkers, and Chinese checkers.​​ 

  • Use lacing cards, geoboards, and Etch A Sketch boards.​​ 

  • Construct simple to more complex origami figures.​​ 

  • Play flashlight tag by shining a​​ flashlight on a wall and moving it up and down, left and right, and so on. Have the individual follow the pattern.

Drawing and Pre-Writing Activities

  • The developmental sequence of line drawing is first horizontal and vertical straight lines, and then​​ circles. Have the individual trace lines to make shapes, diagonal lines, lazy 8s (the number eight on its side), patterns, and then numbers and letters.​​ 

  • Draw within a large space like a chalkboard, dry erase board, or sidewalk using chalk for the individual to get the feel of the movements involved in making each line, shape, letter, or number.​​ 

  • Encourage drawing strokes from top to bottom for writing readiness.​​ 

  • Complete dot-to-dot drawings.​​ 

  • Draw shapes in a thin layer of sand that has been poured​​ over a piece of colored construction paper on a tray.

  • Make shapes with toothpicks, straws, pipe cleaners and tongue depressors​​ 

  • Spread a layer of modeling clay on the surface of a tray and use a pencil to draw in it or play tic tac toe​​ 

  • Draw half a house or pizza etc., and have the individual complete the other half.​​ 

  • Draw shapes with a highlighter for the individual to trace over

  • Make shapes with sticks (toothpicks, popsicle sticks, Wikki Stix, etc.) for the individual to trace beside

More Strategies:​​ 

  • Coloring inside the lines:​​ Draw (outlining) over the lines first with a crayon, then color it in​​ 

and Use Wikki Stix or glue yarn around the area to be colored in; this acts as a boundary to contain coloring

  • ​​ Difficulty stringing beads: Use plastic gimp or pipe cleaners instead of string

  • Hand-over-hand guidance​​ is often needed to help the individual get the feel for drawing a stroke or writing a letter.

  • Writing and drawing on​​ a vertical or slanted surface improves viewing, head position and hand/wrist position.  Drawing can be done on an easel or even on paper taped to a wall.  A slant board can be placed on a desktop for writing tasks.

  • Tummy writing:​​ helps with developing shoulder stability and an upright head.  This can be done for writing, drawing and play​​ activities. (when age appropriate)​​ 

  • Motor Skills and Strategies

Required Materials:

Home Items:

  • Macaroni

  • Flashlight

  • Dry Erase Board​​ 

  • Sand​​ 

  • Salt​​ 

  • Toothpicks

  • Pencils​​ 

  • Straws​​ 


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